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New Design Professional Walkie Talkie For Sale Wireless Tour Guide System

Specification Accessories Listening accessories for the hard of hearing, lapel microphones for training and teacher applications, and noise canceling head-worn boom microphones for noisy environments. Selecting the right accessories helps guides and listeners by providing a more comfortable...
Product Details:

New Design Professional Walkie Talkie For Sale Wireless Tour Guide System

1. Product Introduction of the Professional Walkie Talkie 

Simplex communication refers to the same time, the information can only be transmitted in one direction, in short, is to achieve that you say I listen or I say you listen. This transmitter and receiver can only work alternately, can not work at the same time radio intercom called single machine. The principle of transmission is to convert the audio signal into electrical signals, and then through the modulation after the use of a specific frequency range to send out. Receiving is the use of the receiver within a specific frequency range of the received signal through the demodulation through the speaker to send the received information sound. Simplex wireless call system has the advantages of simple use, no network limitation, low call cost and wide application range. It is in the frequency, mixing and other technologies on the basis of the use of radio communication research and development of a communication.  the Professional Walkie Talkie

2. Product Specification of the Professional Walkie Talkie 

002LN PLUS tour guide system.png

3. Product Feature of the Professional Walkie Talkie


a. Frequency synthesized circuitry for stable signal transmission. Automatic mute control for silent standby. Individual volume control on each receiver.

b. Real digital signal transmission with very stable and clear audio quality.

c. Longer distance with high confidentiality and anti-interference.

d. 20-100 independent channels to choose, up to 20-100 groups work simultaneously at the same location.

e. Lanyard provided for easy carrying.

f. Slim design and nice looking.

g. Light weight and small size.

simultaneous interpretation 00.jpg

all the application.jpg

Tour guide system.jpg

4. Product Details of  the Professional Walkie Talkie



charger box.jpg

5. Product Qualification of  the Professional Walkie Talkie

Packing for 085 model.jpg



6. Payment and Shipping of the Professional Walkie Talkie

a. Payment: L/C at sight, or Bank transfer with 30% deposit, 70% balance to be paid before shipment.


b. Shipping port: Shenzhen of China, Hongkong port. Or any seaport which customers offer.


c. Production lead time: 5-15 days upon deposit according to different quantity. 

7. FAQ of the Audio Tour Guide System Equipment

Q1: How long is your Warranty? How can you carry it out?
A1: Usually we offer 12 Months Warranty (details please ask by email )

Q2: Can I book samples from you? 
A2: Yes! You can! You are welcome to place a sample order to check our superior quality and service!

Q3: What’s the delivery time? (How long do you need to prepare my goods?) 
A3: 1-2 days for sample orders, 3-10 days for bulk order (based on different quantities).

Q4: How will you deliver my goods to me? How long do I need to wait before my goods arrive? 
A4: You can select shipping options possibly, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS to enable our customers get their goods rapidly at door. 
       We also ship by economic method such as air cargo and sea cargo, Direct line, Air Mail according to clients' request.

       3-7 days for international express, 5-7 days for air cargo, 20-40 days by sea cargo.


8. Latest News

Field inspection safety knowledge

Walking to rhythm. Small stride, keep the same rhythm of the walk can make the people to patience for a long time walking, reduce fatigue. The reason for fatigue is mostly in the ground to stride, to speed up to walk. This destroys the regular rhythm. In addition, do not hand in your pocket to walk, encounter an accident when it is easy to fall injured. Such as hand cold can bring gloves. The correct gesture of walking is kicked with the toes, and then with the heel to the ground, his hands swing around with the appropriate range. In accordance with Figure 1 to check the soles of wear, you can know whether their pace is correct.

The team should be lined up in the process of team formation. In front of the guide or leader. His primary responsibility is to determine the route and control the speed of travel. Physically weak players and female players in the front of the team in the team, the team members should be better physical strength, to ensure that no members left behind. Walking in the jungle where the worms are gone, the second and third players are easily attacked by the snake, so it is best to equip the better players in this position. Players in the road must be maintained at a certain distance, usually in the 2 ~ 3m. Leader and the back of the team members should always keep the radio call contact, when the team is too far away from the team too far, must be promptly dealt with, to ensure the overall team and security. The speed of the group is based on the slowest members of the team, so the players to arrange in the forefront of the team. A long walk on the way should be kept a certain interval of rest time, the general walk about an hour or so to rest 5 to 10 minutes. If blindly aggressive, can not be tired to go to rest, not only physical recovery is very slow, and the road is easy because of fatigue, attention can not be concentrated and fall or accident. Rest can use the side of the tree pier, boulders or thick branches support backpack, to avoid lay down the rucksack, because the body has been accustomed to the weight of the backpack, but after the rest but will feel uncomfortable. Rest when you can drink a small amount of water, a lot of water can not stop thirst, will only make the body quickly decline in salt, and water is not fully absorbed on the loss.

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