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New Design Wireless Tour Guide System Professional Walkie Talkie For Sale

Specification Accessories Listening accessories for the hard of hearing, lapel microphones for training and teacher applications, and noise canceling head-worn boom microphones for noisy environments. Selecting the right accessories helps guides and listeners by providing a more comfortable...
Product Details:

New Design Wireless Tour Guide System Professional Walkie Talkie For Sale

1. Product Introduction of the Wireless Tour Guide System

Antenna Usage Precautions

a, Only can use the original or approved antenna. Unapproved antennas, modified or add-on antennas may damage the radio or violate the provisions of the Radio Regulatory Authority of the Ministry of Information Industry.

b, In use, do not hand to get the antenna.

c, Walkie-talkie antenna can not be unscrewed, or in the launch of the power tube is easy to burn.

d, Do not use damaged antenna. At the time of launch, if the damaged antenna is in contact with the skin, it may cause slight burns.   the Wireless Tour Guide System


2. Product Specification of the Wireless Tour Guide System

002LN PLUS tour guide system.png

3. Product Application of the Wireless Tour Guide System


a. Government , hospital, business, reception, visiting.

b. Museum--tour groups (indoor) visiting

c. Education--school training, seminar, employee training

d. Outside training like hose-riding

e. Factory visiting

f. Bus-guided visiting

g. Religion activity for Church

h. For meetings, conferences

occassion 00.jpg

tour guide04.jpg

4. Product Details of  the Wireless Tour Guide System


5 colors transmitter.jpg

spare parts.jpgcharger box.jpg

 5. Product Qualification of the Wireless Tour Guide System



6. Payment and Shipping of the Audio Tour Guide System Equipment

a. Payment: L/C at sight, or Bank transfer with 30% deposit, 70% balance to be paid before shipment.


b. Shipping port: Shenzhen of China, Hongkong port. Or any seaport which customers offer.


c. Production lead time: 5-15 days upon deposit according to different quantity. 

7. Latest News

Bashang grassland tourism matters needing attention

For the first time to the dam on the grassland to drive what to prepare and what to pay attention to?

1, prepare a small medicine box, the fever, dysentery, cold medicine to prepare some. It is best to have a first aid kit to prevent accidental injury.

2, spare enough money. To the field by car travel, buy tolls, tolls, parking fees and other miscellaneous fees are anytime, anywhere to use, it is best to prepare for 10 yuan or less, this is both convenient for their own convenience for others.

3, to the old driver or asked the Internet will run the road of these roads, so be aware of.

4, please calculate the vehicle fuel consumption, Beijing from the dam nearly 600 km, Sinopec soup estuary is the last Beijing gas station on the trip, I suggest you fill the tank here.

5, before departure, please be sure to check the car documents (with purchase tax certificate) and personal documents. Buy a newly published traffic map, marked on the map that they will take the route. Mark the passing city, choose a place to rest and refuel. 6, pay attention to safe driving. As the holiday units are mostly holiday, so the road vehicles are relatively small, in the wide road is easy to stimulate the blood of the young people in the fast drive, the car to a very high speed, in our current road conditions, this is very Unsafe, especially driving their own unfamiliar road is more dangerous. So pay attention to master the speed, and the car to maintain a certain distance, parking or delay must rely on the right, pay attention to observe the surrounding road dynamic, can not forget so.

7, over the valley of God after the lake, mostly rugged mountain road, should control the speed, pay attention to safety.

8, the most important thing is to completely detect their own car, routine inspection of oil, coolant, help oil, glass water, focus on checking the tire, tire pressure and tire wear is not normal, there is no tie nails on the tires. Look at the jack and replace the tire with the tool is not in the car, with a tire inflatable pump may be useful. If possible, go to the 4S shop using a computer to check the engine, brake, ABS and circuit conditions.

9, in the dam grassland when driving, to try to avoid riders and herds. In order to reduce the damage to the grass, try not to rolling grass.

10, bring a notebook, sitting in the co-pilot position is responsible for recording the way fuel consumption,

Traffic and interesting things happen. If you take the high-speed record of the exit and service area of the kilometers, so that the next walk and help friends and friends.

11, I suggest you carry: helmets, boots, snacks, white wine or red wine, small flashlight, disposable tableware, toiletries, commonly used drugs

12, the best carry a good money and identity cards, driver's license, driving permits and other people and the car's documents. Handbags, luggage and other luggage and valuables in the car when the car should not be observed outside the place, so as not to lead the thief.

13, poor water quality on the dam, prepare a box of mineral water, after the arrival or drink or use, will be very convenient. Plenty of snacks can spend 10 hours on the mountain road to spend time.

14, if it is the best team to buy walkie-talkie, not only can save a lot of mobile phone costs, but also to the phone where there is no signal on the radio is particularly important. If the fleet of cars more than 6, put the team grouped. Every 3 groups. So that can facilitate driving, but also can effectively prevent rear-end.

15, grassland temperature difference sooner or later, even the summer is also very cold summer, long-sleeved jacket is necessary. While the daytime grassland sunny enough, it is best to take sun protection measures.

16, prepare some of your favorite CD, the way to listen to their favorite songs can eliminate the journey of loneliness and fatigue. Prepare the camera and the full amount of film, do not buy film in the area, digital cameras and mobile phones do not forget to bring the charger. Camera phones and other valuables best self-contained sealed plastic bags, moisture-proof bags in case.

17, with dinner pay attention to health, may be appropriate to drink some liquor.

18, ready to emergency food on the road, in particular, to buy some more chocolate, because the chocolate is high calorie food. Water is essential, especially pure water, not only people drink, the car sometimes have to use. Such as the lack of engine cooling water, pure water can be emergency. Long distance downhill brakes overheating, you can use pure water cooling and so on.

19, the prairie night of the stars can not find Beijing, but even if the stars are bright night is almost fingers fuzzy. Prairie night lighting facilities are not good, so go for a walk when the flashlight will not be stumbled or lost.

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