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RICH 002LN 863-865MHZ wireless tour guide systems

Mr. Nicolas, one friend from one Europe history museum, after tested our audio guide samples, he decided to purchase about 200 pcs audio guide system from our company. ”It is really humanized and comfortable and environment, visitors like them very much!” With our audio guide system, you will...
Product Details:

Main Specifications / Special Features:

Simultaneous interpretation system, wireless tour guide system, radio guide

System, one-way tour guide system

The tour guide system is a portable wireless communication system that allows tour guides to talk with a group of people. The system consists of a transmitter and a microphone, a tour guide, a receiver with headphones and a (regular) charger box

002LN tour guide system.png

It also includes a wide range of technology tours and tours, as well as tours, offshore tours, staff training and language translations, as hearings are an important part of your visitor experience and each system is designed to reduce noise

Our wireless receiver is lightweight, worn on a belt or worn on a lanyard

Body Radio Transmitter Broadcast your driver, interpreter, or tour guide to a comfortable phone call level, the tour guide system is wireless

Ideal for drivers getting on and off, hiking, guided tours, factory tours, outdoor activities, classroom education, training and conferences

Application of radio navigation system:

Business or citizen meeting, meeting

Education and training

•employee training

• Entertainment or Performing Arts to enhance personalized audio

• Sports arena or arena



• hotel or travel

• Churches - mosques, churches, cathedrals, synagogues

•Factory tour

• International Conventions - Interpretation

• Law enforcement - courts

• Medical or dental facilities

• Travel team, travel team

High-quality audio experience

blue blue introduction.jpg

In tour guides, you need to provide a wealth of information and knowledge to travel better. Our tour guide system can meet these requirements in a variety of ways. Because this system can not pass your voice to friends, but you can achieve multimedia connectivity applications. At the same time, the better the sound quality that can be achieved in a variety of environments, the more flexible the application communication. With our video and audio products you can better access and communicate information in small workgroup meetings or large team meetings Digital wireless audio, with proprietary intellectual property and core technologies in video transmission technology, has been developed based on the technology Wireless speakers, digital wireless headphones, digital wireless interpreters, digital wireless guides, digital wireless simultaneous interpretation systems and other products, covering tourism, education, consumer electronics and other applications, and domestic and foreign customers to provide product design customization and Program services, committed to building China's consumer electronics field the best and most complete wireless audio, video, data transmission products and programs.


Problems And Countermeasures Of Tour Guide Machine Development By Tour Guide System Manufacturers. 

As a comprehensive green sunrise industry, the travel industry is carrying, displaying, communicating and conveying different civilizations. It is an effective way to achieve the value of civilization, improve the influence of civilization, and strengthen the strength of civilization. Since the reform and opening up, the travel profession from small to large, from weak to strong, continue to advance.However, it should also be soberly recognized that there is still a great deal of fighting between brigade occupations and the growing needs of travel, compared with the objectives of construction travel. 

5-colors 02.jpg

First, the standardization level is low. The first performance is: top of the list, market pricing is not standard. There is information asymmetry in the shopping malls of buyers and sellers. Many scenic travel agencies attract customers at a low price, while in travel activities, they charge a nominal hidden fee in a disguised manner.Some attractions are priced at random and are in the best interests of the mall participants. Second, the service norms are not uniform.Travel cost activity chain, once the terms of the contract is unclear, the service rules and responsibilities of the activities are blurred, tourists complain about the possibility of success and the low cost of reward and punishment. Travel agencies, couriers, scenic spots, hotels and other participants are easy to fall down the service specifications, the interests of the expense. Travel profession in the diversification of the lack, although some scenic spots have achieved good results and experience, such as Jiuzhaigou scenic spots, Guilin landscape scenic spots, Hangzhou West Lake scenic spots, but. Some scenic spots are slow to discover their own inherent civilization, refine landscape design, update the concept of travel, expand and extend the level of travel, and still face the problem of high reproducibility, specialization and low level of labor. This has led to a severe reliance on the "economy of ticket travel". 
The professionalization comes from the excellent talent team, and the science and technology comes from the continuous cultivation and progress of the talented person. Speeding up the development of human capital has become the choice of each travel progress shopping mall possession and influence. However, compared with the rapidly developing travel profession, there is still a big gap in the total number of talents in the travel service profession, the overall quality of the talent is low, the travel teaching support is lacking, and the talent guarantee mechanism and the development mechanism are relatively lagging behind. The system of professional talents with reasonable structure, suitable quantity and reliable quality. We should increase the investment in scientific research, deepen the reform of scientific research system, improve the evaluation, application and encouragement measures conducive to the innovation and entrepreneurship of travel scientific research talents, and rationally allocate the plan and direction of scientific research inspiration funds.Encourage the joint construction of research channels between schools and enterprises, promote business with research, improve the power and responsibility, orderly, healthy interaction of the theoretical and practical promotion mechanism. To create and adhere to the subject innovation, multi-disciplinary integration of the new situation of travel research.

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