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The latest generation of wireless conference systems

“Though our company only has 9 years of experience in this tourism field, we believe that RICH TECHNOLOGY is superior to anything else like tour guide system, audio guide system, radio guides in the market today. We like their products very much! Our customers also like us because we offer the...
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Although our company has only nine years of experience in this area of travel, we believe RICH TECHNOLOGY is superior to any other product in today's market such as navigation systems, audio navigation systems, radio navigation, etc. We love their products! Our customers Also like us because we provide better travel products! "One of our European clients told us.

With our audio guide system, you will never be concerned about your zoo, museums, churches, historical attractions and other tourist groups.two way tour guide system.png

Our audio guide system can store 9999 files and unlimited language settings.

In addition, our audio guide system has two types: automatic playback and manual playback.

Customers can connect via USB cable. You will really like these simultaneous interpretation systems

The latest generation of wireless conference system product display and packaging

Automatically send audio guide device

There is no sign for our Neutral Travel Audio Guide System product and the delivery time takes about 1-4 business day deposit.

For marked goods, 4-8 working days after deposit.

The sample delivered by the tour guide system takes about 1-2 business days.

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After serving the museum multilingual audio guide

12 months warranty, 10 years free repair / maintenance.

Our Strengths / Why Choose Us?

A: We have our own R & D technical staff.

We have more than 8 years of development and production experience.

C. Our audio guide system is very environmentally friendly.

D. high-quality sound

E. Our main ICs are imported from the United States and Taiwan.

F. Fast delivery within 24 hours

G.12-24 months warranty, 10 years free repair / maintenance.

H, strict inspection before delivery.

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Utopia exists in fantasy novels, real happiness needs diligence. We will not give in to difficulties. Forge ahead with determination and innovation, and hope to create happiness through our efforts to make this era a common "affluent century"

If you are looking for low price multilingual MP3 audio guide device for travel and museums and historic sites, rich technology must be your best choice. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China to provide you with low-cost customization services. Welcome to our factory discount buy or wholesale quality guide system.


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