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A Tour Guide System That You Need
Nov 05, 2018

A Tour Guide System That You Need

Tour Guide System

Whether you have a group tour, symposium, conference or training, our device for the communication with the customers/partners for the long distance will become your best friend. It will make sure they will not skip a single word of yours, will hear everything clearly and perfectly! Just think about how inconvenient it is for the listeners to try to catch every word of your story from a long distance, considering the outside noises, which make the experience even harder. All of these interrupting whispers and hum are not comfortable or pleasant for any person who came to listen to your speech. In addition to listening, your guests can freely take pictures, make notes, take a walk for the coffee break or to take a closer look at the object, and many other things. 

What is this Tour Guide System?

You will probably ask yourself: how is this even possible? And we’ll be happy to explain! The trick hides in the transmission of the radio-waves from the transmitter to the recipient. Considering that the voice of the speaker passes through the attached to the first device microphone, the listener gets the sound through the headphones that are inserted in the receptacle (classic 3,5 mm jack for microphone/headphone). As a result, you get a digital signal with a very stable, crystal clear audio quality. 

Tour Guide System

Rich Age Electronics' guided packages provide ready-to-use solutions for all your guide needs. Options include encrypted transmission, two-way operation, multi-channel, infrared or RF transmission, and more!