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Find People In The City! Who Took The Nanjing Museum 3 Tour Guide Systems
Oct 11, 2018

Find People In The City! Who Took The Nanjing Museum 3 Tour Guide Systems

Many people go to the museum to visit and rent the Tour Guide System. Don't underestimate the little Tour Guide System. The value is not low. If it is lost or damaged, the user must compensate.

Find People In The City! Who Took The Nanjing Museum 3 Tour Guide System

A few days ago, Ms. Zhang visited the Nanjing Museum and lost three Tour Guide Systems. After consultation, it compensated 5,400 yuan to Nanbo.

Who Took The Nanjing Museum 3 Tour Guide System

Entrust others to return the Tour Guide System, the result...

Ms. Zhang is from Tianjin. Last week, she and her sister came to Nanjing with two children. The last stop was the Nanjing Museum. Ms. Zhang said that they arrived at Nanbo at 9:00 in the morning. In order to have a deep understanding of the cultural relics, they rented 4 Tour Guide Systems for 4 people:

"We received 80 yuan for my sister. My sister registered with her ID card and left her phone."

Ms. Zhang said that they went all the way to the underground Republican pavilion, non-legacy hall, walked from the underground to the gate, did not see the Tour Guide System recycling office, coupled with the heat and the children, too lazy to return to rent the Tour Guide System When the place went, I entrusted the three mothers and sons who had just entered the Nanbo Gate and asked them to return them on their behalf: "My sister said, do you go in, they said that they went in, and the sister said that they can help us bring the Tour Guide System in? The other party said, OK, we just want to use it. My sister said that you used up and helped us to pay it back. They said that it was ok. These three machines gave the mother and child three."

There is also a machine, Ms. Zhang, who gave a female college student. At 5 o'clock in the evening, Nanbo staff called them and said that 3 of the 4 interpreters they borrowed were not returned. Ms. Zhang: "They said that the three machines had an impression, because the mother and the child took the machine to the service desk. One of them had no electricity. They wanted to change the station and they had electricity. They scanned the code and said that it was not the mother ID card. Registered is our ID card, don't change, they have not retired and left. Now I have not seen this machine, the responsibility can only be borne by us.

Ms. Zhang said that Nanbo's Tour Guide System is an electronic smart Tour Guide System. The purchase price is 2,500 yuan. Considering the depreciation and other factors, Nanbo agreed to pay 5,400 yuan for Ms. Zhang. Ms. Zhang said that Tour Guide System lost that they really should bear certain responsibilities, but Nanbo has promised that if the mother and son return the Tour Guide System, the money can be returned to them: "Call for appeal, I feel that the mother and son are local to Nanjing. The waiter promised that if we can send back three pieces of equipment, we can return the money we paid back to us."