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Rich Century Wireless Tour Guide System
Oct 06, 2018

Rich Century Wireless Tour Guide System

Interpreters, tour guides, and corporate receptionists wearing the Wireless Tour Guide System no longer need to hold a megaphone everywhere without shouting! Don't worry about bringing noise to others. If the listener is far away from you, you won't hear what you are talking about!

Rich Century Wireless Tour Guide System

With this Rich Century Wireless Tour Guide System, you can speak with the volume of the usual communication, and the listener can hear it very clearly! Will not be disturbed by noisy environment! And your speech will not be heard by people who are not wearing headphones! Only those who wear headphones can hear it! Simultaneous interpretation is also possible (the participants in many important live conferences in the news are wearing one, our Wireless Tour Guide System) can also be sung by the Wireless Tour Guide System! Very high-end, atmospheric, top grade! Immediately enhance your corporate image!

You have this Wireless Tour Guide System, and your voice will be blessed in the future. You can whisper and listen to the earphones at 180 meters, and the Wireless Tour Guide System is wireless. Small and light! You no longer have to worry about the line of traditional headphones! We are all wireless! Easily realize a multi-audio transmission mode!