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What Is The Simultaneous Interpretation System And What Are Its Application Scenarios?
Jan 10, 2019

No matter what language you use in the event, the simultaneous interpretation system produced by Rich Age Electronics Co., Ltd. will simplify the work of the interpreter in a professional way. Viewers can also enjoy accurate and clear information in their native language.

simultaneous interpretation system

The RC2406 simultaneous interpretation system is essentially different from the traditional infrared simultaneous transmission. The biggest feature is the flowable use and substantial investment savings. With this receiver, the content of the explanation can be clearly heard within 180 meters from the transmitter.

1, 2.4GHz frequency can be used universally

2. Provide efficiency and convenience for the preparation of the organizer or interpreter

3, one-button receiving channel synchronization function saves a lot of time

4, from the transmitter to the receiver 180 meters range

5, 80 channels can be selected, up to 80 groups can be selected in the same position

6, rechargeable lithium battery, charging time is only 2~3 hours

7. More economical than renting or purchasing traditional silicon equipment

8, using a mini jack microphone cable, you can enter mobile phones, MP3 and other external audio sources

9, the scope of application: international conferences, wireless multi-language teaching, simultaneous interpretation, corporate hospitality, factory visits, etc.

What are the application scenarios of the wireless simultaneous interpretation system?

The simultaneous interpretation system produced by Rich Age Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly used for: government and enterprise research, guest reception, visit and explanation, travel agency tour guide, group discussion, strong noise environment access instructions, international training and teaching, large conference, simultaneous Interpreting conferences, simultaneous translations, product introductions, restaurant hotels, groups of up to thousands of people can be used. Easily realize one-to-many wireless voice commentary, let more users feel the technological innovation and listen to various explanations.