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Where Is The Use Of The Wireless Tour Guide System?
Nov 07, 2018

With the development of modern digital technology, electronic digital taste has become the standard of pursuit of people's quality of life. When you come to tourist attractions, museums, and historical attractions, people are not satisfied with watching the treasures, and they want to know more stories behind them. This requires a standard specification.

The Use Of The Wireless Tour Guide System

Rich Age Electronics develops and produces electronic wireless interpreters, also known as wireless guides, simultaneous interpretation, electronic tour guides, simultaneous interpretation, scenic wireless interpreters, conference interpreters, conference interpreters and other names.

portable Wireless Tour Guide System

1. The modernization and high-end of the exhibition hall are mainly reflected in the digital age, that is, the extensive use of high-tech electronic products; the second is the increasingly high standard of service, that is, the means of human perception. The use of electronic instructional equipment is one of the standards for demonstrating the electronic and modernization of venues.

2. The electronic interpreter is a scenic spot explanation, a conference explanation, a training teaching explanation, and a conference to explain the service-specific equipment. The advantage is that the explanation content can be clearly transmitted to each recipient, and the audience listens while watching and capturing. Knowledge, enjoy the cultural heritage.

3. Use electronic wireless interpreter to effectively explain the poor sound quality of traditional PA equipment and strong external noise. The conference system has a large echo, and the recipient cannot hear clearly.

4. The Rich Age Electronics Wireless Tour Guide System has strong anti-interference, 2.4G international universal channel receiving mode, good sound quality, and receiver standby time of up to 20 hours.

Rich Age Electronics is a manufacturer and supplier of wireless tour guide system,  audio guide system, simultaneous interpretation system and related products. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.