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002LN Professional Wireless Tour Guide Audio Guide Radio Guide System

We are very happy and lucky to get a lot of letters of thanks from our customers and clients since 8 years. They give us very good feedback and praise. The sound quality and ease of use including the distance make our users very convenient! Our target is to create an emotionally and...
Product Details:

002LN Professional Wireless Tour Guide System Audio Guide Radio Guide

1. Product Introduction of the Radio Guide System

  We are very happy and lucky to get a lot of letters of thanks from our customers and clients since 8 years.

 They give us very good feedback and praise. The sound quality and ease of use including the distance make our users very convenient! 

Our target is to create an emotionally and intellectually engaging experience for visitors. A complete audio tour system will consist of a full set of equipment and pre-programmed software. Customers can use our two ways or one way radio tour guide system very easily. 

Working with many different companies and individual enterprise and organizations, they use our tour guide devices for different applications like for tourism and conference or big events, Hajj, church,etc.

2. Product Specification of the Radio Guide System

002LN tour guide system.png

3. Product Feature and Application of the Radio Guide System

Product features

      -portable and wireless

      -pll synthesized design,with high frequency stability;digital mute-locked technology,no any interference

      -unique anti-interference circuit,avoid the interference from other frequencies automatically

      -99 ids allows 99 groups to operate simultaneously at the same place.one transmitter can carry any number of receivers

      -built-in rechargeable lithium battery,inner integrated circuit

      -±75k modulation bandwidth,big dynamic range for voice

      -lcd display,easy to operate.adjustable volume

      -communicating over distances of 100 meters open field

Product application

a. Government , hospital, business, reception, visiting.

b. Museum--tour groups (indoor) visiting

c. Education--school training, seminar, employee training

d. Outside training like hose-riding

e. Factory visiting

f. Bus-guided visiting

g. Religion activity for Church

h. For meetings, conferences

TOUR 4.png

4. Product Details of the Radio Guide System

blue blue introduction.jpg

002LN DETAIL.jpg

tour guide system1.jpg

tour guide system2.jpg

5. Product Qualification of the Radio Guide System

tour guide5.png

our tour guide system13.png


6. Payment and Shipping of the Radio Guide System

a. Payment: L/C at sight, or Bank transfer with 30% deposit, 70% balance to be paid before shipment.


b. Shipping port: Shenzhen of China, Hongkong port. Or any seaport which customers offer.


c. Production lead time: 5-15 days upon deposit according to different quantity. 

7. FAQ ofthe Radio Guide System

Q1: How long is your Warranty? How can you carry it out?
A1: Usually we offer 12 Months Warranty (details please ask by email )

Q2:What is difference on your products with others similar products on the market?

A2:Firstly, our products is real digital transmission, the cost will much higher than the products with analogue transmission; Secondly, our lithium battery is the new type polymer lithium battery, it is different the general lithium battery, much Safer and more environmentally friendly.

Q3: What’s the delivery time? (How long do you need to prepare my goods?) 
A3: 1-2 days for sample orders, 3-10 days for bulk order (based on different quantities).

Q4: How will you deliver my goods to me? How long do I need to wait before my goods arrive? 
A4: You can select shipping options possibly, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS to enable our customers get their goods rapidly at door. 
       We also ship by economic method such as air cargo and sea cargo, Direct line, Air Mail according to clients' request.

       3-7 days for international express, 5-7 days for air cargo, 20-40 days by sea cargo.

PACKING AND SHIPPING 00.jpg8. Latest News

Three tourist attractions in Tibet are equipped with electronic navigation

Norbuling card, meaning the treasure garden, there are from the Himalayas in the south and south of the exotic flowers, to Gesang Pu chapter, golden chapter, Dan Danzhaozhang as the main body of the palace building, by virtue of its unique natural scenery And humanistic architecture, attracting many tourists to visit the play. But if it is self-tour of tourists, how can we visit the play at the same time to understand the rich history of its long history and culture? We learned that a company in Tibet have been in the Norbulingka, Drepung Monastery, Chubu Temple three tourist attractions installed electronic navigation, visitors to visit these attractions can follow this followers, "read" to visit the content Of the electronic navigation, want to understand the story behind the attractions.

Use 20 yuan to rent the tour guide system, finished just finished

The second floor, composed of more than 40 houses, such as the reception room, is one of the important palace buildings of Norbulingka. Into the dawn of the courtyard, like into the flower of the ocean, so visitors to come to visit the visitors will always be in front of the fountain pool to commemorate the fountain. Recently, we in the pictures of the crowd found a look of some special visitors, his chest wearing a shape like a walkie-talkie things, but also wearing a headset.

Reporters immediately went up to ask, the visitors from Shandong, Mr. Lee told us that this is his entrance in the entrance of the staff at the Advisory Office, spent 20 yuan rental electronic navigation, with people walking, to reach specific Of the attractions, the tour guide system will explain the information of the attractions. "The tour guide system is very careful, the time is also just designed, basically I visited the palace, it is almost the same."

002LN DETAIL.jpg

Benefits Visit the attractions, location and other information at a glance

We learned from the design of the electronic navigation of a Tibetan Culture Communication Co., Ltd., this shape is like a walkie-talkie electronic navigation, its main function is close to some of the scenic use of the voice interpreter. The difference is that based on video recognition technology, it does not require complicated operation. When a visitor approached a specific spot, the radio frequency transmitter, which was installed on the wall, will automatically fire the built-in chip of the tour guide system to "read" the content related to the site.

We understand that the voice can choose Mandarin, Tibetan or English, of which, Tibetan can also choose Lhasa dialect, Amdo dialect or Kangba dialect. In addition to the language can be selected, through the navigation display on the electronic navigation map, visitors can clearly know the tour will be involved in what attractions. At the same time, through the navigation map on the electronic light, light flash, light off the information, visitors can also easily understand their current location, has visited the attractions and not visit the attractions and other information.

Planning Lhasa City Tourism Commission will build an autonomous interpretation system

The company is responsible for the introduction of the relevant person, at present, like this electronic tour guide system has been in the Drepung Monastery, Chubu Temple and Norbulingka three scenic spots put into use. "The effect is very good, and now we continue to promote." In addition to these three scenic spots, Saiga Temple electronic navigation equipment is also being produced. In addition, the Dan Gengqin revealed that the company is still with some well-known attractions to discuss cooperation. "We plan to complete the coverage of more electronic attractions in Tibet in the next three years, so as to provide a more effective and convenient way for domestic and foreign tourists to understand the historical and cultural content behind the attractions. Chin.

We then learned from the Lhasa City Tourism Commission, as a tourist public service project construction of a "interpretation of Lhasa" - full coverage of tourism information and tour guide system related work is being carried out, Lhasa City Tourism Commission jointly with the relevant departments In accelerating the improvement of the construction of tourist attractions logo system, and do a good job in strengthening the construction of tour guides, building an independent interpretation system and so on.


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