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Tour guide system in the intercom

Best Selling! Long distance Tour Guide System in Walkie Talkie for guiding tours in the theme park
Product Details:

Best Selling  Long distance Tour Guide System in Walkie Talkie for guiding tours in the theme park

1. Product Introduction of the Long Distance Tour Guide System

The Long Distance Tour Guide System is a professional wireless communication tools, but also to meet the needs of people with consumer products with consumer products features. It can make many people communicate at the same time, but at the same time only one person to speak. This communication is characterized by: real-time communication, a call, economical and practical, easy to use, but also has a group call broadcast, system calls, confidential calls and other functions. In the event of scheduling and handling emergency emergencies, the role of other communication tools can not be replaced

2. Product Specification of the Long Distance Tour Guide System

002LN tour guide system.png

3. Product Feature and Application of the Long Distance Tour Guide System


a.Whisper wireless tour guide system ,lightweight and small size,convenient to take.

b.We have professional & experienced international salesman who understand products’ technical very well, also     good at communicate with every client & solve problems fastly and efficiently. Time is Money.

c.Widely applied to teaching,training,museum,scenic spots,exhibition/conference center, simultaneous interpretation...

d.We are professional experienced supplier of tour guide system and walkie talkie.


a. Government , hospital, business, reception, visiting.

b. Museum--tour groups (indoor) visiting

c. Education--school training, seminar, employee training

d. Outside training like hose-riding

e. Factory visiting

f. Bus-guided visiting

g. Religion activity for Church

h. For meetings, conferences

tour guide04.jpg

4. Product Details of the Long Distance Tour Guide System

rose-red introduction.jpg

5 colors-002LN.jpg

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5. Latest News

Nepal, Morocco Pavilion beyond electronic navigation machine, spend 20 Yuan to rent can listen to explanations, and easy access. According to insiders, PICC Pavilion, Shanghai Railway Museum will also have similar services and more exhibition halls under negotiation. "In addition to three theme pavilions, will launch before the end of this month, at least about 10 Museum Museum Guide machine rental services. "About to tour the Pavilion to mount, including a district north of Pavilion and the PuXi area of private enterprises joint Pavilion, PICC Pavilion, Shanghai Railway Museum and Pavilion of urban best practices area, some of the case. "By the beginning of July, with more than 30 venues, you can use the navigation. ”

As more guide construction of the Pavilion, has expanded the scope of its fast track service. Fast track is for hire offers visitors channel. At present, three theme pavilions to provide charter services, the fast track service is in talks. The protection of Museum and Shanghai Railway Museum Guide provides fast channel service has been finalized, but the navigation is in the making, is expected to release in the near future. "There have been more than 20 exhibiting signed a contract with us, among these has been the signing Pavilion will strive to 80% fast channel service functions".

If you are looking for the Tour guide system in the intercom, Rich Technology must be your best choice. We're known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, offering you the customized service at low price. Welcome to buy or wholesale the quality guide system at a discount with our factory.
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