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Collar Microphone Walkie Talkie With 863-865 MHZ

Product Details:

Collar Microphone Walkie Talkie With 863-865 MHZ

 1. Product Introduction of the Collar Microphone Walkie Talkie 

Usually, the radio communication equipment operating in the ultrashort wave band (VHF 30 ~ 300MHz, UHF 300 ~ 3000MHz) is collectively referred to as the radio intercom communication system. In fact, according to national standards, should be ultra-short frequency FM radio called radio intercom. Often, people called the small, small hand-held wireless telephone called "walkie-talkie", previously known as "talk machine", "walkie-talkie"; and the power of large, larger can be installed in the car (Ship), such as the vehicle (on board), the ship, the fixed station, the base station, the turntable, and so on. After decades of development, the application of the walkie-talkie has been very common, from the professional field to the general consumption, from military to civilian. In the daily work, the walkie-talkie is almost everywhere, in the airport, train station, bus station, ship dock staff in the hands of everywhere you can see the walkie-talkie. It is a mobile communication in a professional wireless communication tools, but also to meet the needs of people with consumer products with consumer products features.

2. Product Specification of the Collar Microphone Walkie Talkie 

002LN tour guide system.png

3. Product Feature and Application of the Collar Microphone Walkie Talkie 

This model can use as tour guide system and simultaneous interpretation system.

(as it's shown in the below demo picture)


use as tour guide system



Tips: No matter how many people teams, as long as it's in the range of 200 meters can be used, for example: We have a leadership speech, 10 people listening, a leader with a transmitter within 200M, how many people use it how many single feature alone receivers can!


use as simultaneous interpretation system


Application:  for tourism industry and education field like museum, meeting, schook,                       training,outside travel group, bus-guided, tour guided, tour team, church,etc.

Where's a tour guide system shall be used?

1.  Tour guide system are used in tourist attractions for each tourist hear commentary clearly.

2.  Tour guide system are used in factories for showing visitors round, for training where                        machinery noise makes it hard for trainees to hear their instructors.

3.  In public meetings as an interpretation system. The interpreter can simply sit at the back of the        room and whisper the translation into the microphone.

4. Tour guide systems operate on different frequencies which means that several different                    languages can be catered for at the same time. 


4. Product Details of  the Collar Microphone Walkie Talkie 

blue blue introduction.jpg


This model can use as tour guide system and simultaneous interpretation system.

5 colors.jpg

Color  : Black, bluegreyorange, red,rose red.

Charge Box:1. 32-slots charger box.


                            2. 60-slots charger box.


                            3. simple charger with 10 lines.


                            4.USB charger cable.




32-slots charger box:can charge 32 transmitters and receivers one time(as the below picture shown)

32-slot charger box.jpg

60-slots charger box:can charge 60 transmitters and receivers one time(as it's shown in the below picture)

 60-slot charger box.jpg

 charger box and bag.jpg


 Packaging & Shipping

  High quality conference system/simultaneous interpretation system/tour guide system




Packaging & Delivery

  • Ø  Delivery Details: 2-3 working days afer deposit.

  • Ø  Packaging Details: 32 or 60 pcs one charging carton.

4 cartons goods for Taras.jpg


Payment & Shipping way

u  Shipping way: by air , sea, DHL,FedEx, UPS, TNT.

u  Payment way:L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, cash.



Our Services

Our service

1.Our warranty is 24 months at least.

2.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24 hours.

3.Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information

4.Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all of your requirement and inquiry in English.

5.OEM n ODM, any your customized products we can help you to design and put into product.

Company Information

FACTORY 02.jpg



Q: How to order our product?

A:1).Please tell us the model and quantity and other request you need. 

   2).We make the PI for you.

   3).After you confirm the PI, we arrange the order for you after receiving your payment.

   4).After the goods finished, we send the goods out to you and tell you the tracking number.

   5).We will track your goods until you receive the goods. 


Q:  What's your warranty ?

A:  One years


Q:  What's your contact information:

A:  Our address: Shenzhen town, Guangdong province, China.   


Q:  What's your shipment method?

A:  We ship by Express, by air, by sea, by train. Normally we checked and compare, then provide customer the most proper shipment method.


Q:  What's about MOQ?

A:  First order MOQ=1pcs


Q:  If I want to release order, what's the payment method you accept ?

A:  We accept T/T, Paypal, Western union, L/C.


Q:  If I want to release order, what's the process?

A:  Thanks. You can send inquiry to us by alibaba, or send us by email, we will reply within 24hrs.


Q: Can I buy 1 piece sample first before place big order?

A: Yes, sample order welcomed(but need charge sample fee)


Thank you & Looking forward to your kindly inquiry.

Latest News

002LN tour guide system is a wireless and portable radio system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to listeners. The group tour system is composed of a microphone connected to a pocket-sized radio transmitter for the guide and small radio receivers for the tour group. Guests may listen using a comfortable, on-ear earpiece or even use their own headphones.

The system was designed to ensure individuals participating in a group tour would share a hearing experience of equal quality.

5 colors-002LN.jpg

The tour guide system was engineered to address problems hearing issues that may be experienced by individuals in a large tour group who might miss important information because of the distance that separates them from their guide. Conversations and a variety of background noise can compound only add to the difficulty of hearing on a tour. Conversations and background noise, also, are some of the issues The Tour Guide System was designed to help overcome by combining wireless FM and personal listening technology.

1. Transmit frequency 863-865 MHz; Complete digital audio transmission.
2. Channel & Volume Display function. Channel 20-100 Max.
3. Small in size, easy to install, flexible in design land support customization;
4. Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized.

5. Service Life: 5-10 years.

6. Certificate: CE RoHS

7. Backlit LCD display.

If you are looking for the collar microphone walkie talkie with 863-865 mhz, Rich Technology must be your best choice. We're known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, offering you the customized service at low price. Welcome to buy or wholesale the quality guide system at a discount with our factory.
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