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Wireless translation simultaneous interpretation

If you have English, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Bahasa Indonesia, etc. in your conference, how do you transmit different signal and different languages to audience or participants? Our highest skilled professional translation equipment can help you to hold a very...
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Wholesale wireless translation equipment and Simultaneous Interpretation Conference Services with Multilingual Conferences and Classrooms and Church Products

If you have English, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Indonesian, etc. in your meeting, how do you send different signals and languages to the audience or participants? Our state-of-the-art professional translation equipment can help you organize very successful environmental events!

Whether for small or large events, conferences or business meetings, we bring high-quality wireless simultaneous interpretation systems and wireless translation devices to all our clients without any disruption.two way tour guide system.png

Last year, one of our friends asked us about a spacious conference of at least 1,500 meters.

I told her that our high-power transmitters can fulfill their requirements in 15 languages.

Finally, with our professional audio equipment, this friend held a very successful and comfortable event or conference.

They also rent the translation equipment to other customers in their home country.blue blue introduction.jpg

Our little normal transmitter only transmits 100-200 meters long. But we have high power transmitters that can transmit 1200-1500 meters long.

Our popular interpretation system is easy to use, and you can easily and comfortably bring your multilingual community together by providing translations to any number of viewers or participants.

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