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Translation Wireless Guide Multilingual Conference System

High Quality 2017 translator wireless tour guide for multi-language meeting system with best price from direct factory
Product Details:

High quality 2017 wireless translation guide for multilingual conference system with best price from direct factory

When people need to communicate with modern technology, their voice quality is a key factor in their success. System reliability, voice clarity, and ease of use become key. Whether it is an internal round table mini-conference or a large number of visitors in front of the showcase activities: We have provided users with a friendly and highly scalable system solutions to meet a variety of different application requirements.

002LN black receiver.jpg

2. Translator wireless guide product specifications

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product name

Applications (focus on tourism) Museums, schools, training, horse riding training, outdoor tours, indoor tours, hajj, churches, conferences, etc.

Transmitters (one-to-one or one-to-many) A transmitter can cover hundreds of receivers

Delivery time 2-4 working days after deposit

DHL, FedEX, UPS, TNT, shipping, air transport

Payment Methods Bank Transfer, or Western Union, Paypal, Cash

Size 71 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm

Weight 68 grams

in the street.jpg

3. Translator wireless product application guide

One. Government, hospital, business, reception, visit.

Bay Museum - tour (indoor) visit

C. Education - School training, seminars, staff training

d. External training like hose riding

Factory visit

F. Bus tour guide visit

G. Religious activities of the church

H. For meetings, meetings

Conferences, seminars.

4. Translator wireless tour product details

blue blue introduction.jpg

If you are looking for the Translation Wireless Guide Multilingual Conference System, Rich Technology must be your best choice. We're known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, offering you the customized service at low price. Welcome to buy or wholesale the quality guide system at a discount with our factory.
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