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Manufacturers Supplies Wireless Guide System For Museum Church Tour Teaching

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Products Specification Accessories Charge Suitcase and Water-proof shoulder bag How to use it? The number of orange receiver screen: Left number like "9" means the volume. Right "00" means the channel. ( It has tatal 20-100 channels ) How to adjust the...
Product Details:

Manufacturers Supplies  Wireless Guide System For Museum Church Tour Teaching

1. Product Introduction of the Wireless Guide System

Walkie-talkie and mobile phone compared to many unique places. First, the radio is not subject to network restrictions, wireless cellular network is not covered to the place, walkie-talkie allows users to communicate with each other. Second, the walkie-talkie to provide one-on-one, one-to-many calls, one by one to say, simple operation, so that more freedom of communication, especially in the emergency scheduling and collective collaborative work, these features are very important. The third is the low cost of calls, in addition to purchase costs and battery power, there is no other cost, compared to the phone there are calls, monthly fees and so on.

The application of radio is very wide, mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacturing, construction, service and other industries, for group members of the contact and command and control to improve communication efficiency and improve the handling of emergencies Response capability. With the walkie-talkie into the civilian market, people travel, shopping began to use more and more walkie-talkie.

From the communication work, the walkie-talkie is divided into simplex communication work single machine and duplex communication work duplex machine.


2. Product Specification of the Wireless Guide System

002LN PLUS tour guide system.png

3. Product Feature and Application of the Wireless Guide System


a. Government , hospital, business, reception, visiting.

b. Museum--tour groups (indoor) visiting

c. Education--school training, seminar, employee training

d. Outside training like hose-riding

e. Factory visiting

f. Bus-guided visiting

g. Religion activity for Church

h. For meetings, conferences


summer camp.jpg

4. Product Details of the Wireless Guide System



our tour guide system10010.jpg

5. Product Qualification of the Wireless Guide System

tour guide18.png

our tour guide5.png





6. Payment and Shipping of the Wireless Guide System

a. Payment: L/C at sight, or Bank transfer with 30% deposit, 70% balance to be paid before shipment.


b. Shipping port: Shenzhen of China, Hongkong port. Or any seaport which customers offer.


c. Production lead time: 5-15 days upon deposit according to different quantity. 

7. Latest News

The interpretation system comprises: a means of optical or acoustic acquisition of a phrase written or uttered in a source language and a means of sound restitution; a recognition means for generating, from an input signal acquired by the acquisition means, a source phrase which is a transcription of the phrase in the source language; a translation means for generating, from the source phrase, a target phrase which is a translation of the source phrase in a target language; and, voice synthesis means for generating, from the target phrase, an output sound signal able to be reproduced by the sound restitution means. 

According to the invention the interpretation system comprises a smoothing means for calling the recognition, translation and voice synthesis means so as to produce, in real time, an interpretation in the target language of the phrase in the source language.

In modern mobile communication, the walkie-talkie is a simple operation of short-range wireless transmission communication equipment, it has no restrictions on the network, a wide range of applications, call the advantages of low cost, so loved by the people. At present, it is widely used in security patrol, field engineering, production and construction and other fields. With the walkie-talkie into the civilian market, people are more and more use of walkie-talkie.

The applications of the walkie-talkie is very wide, the principle is to send the audio signal into electrical signals, and then through the modulation after the use of a specific frequency range to send out. Receiving is the use of the receiver within a specific frequency range of the received signal through the demodulation through the speaker to send the received information sound.

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