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Professional interference-free wireless tour guide system

Wholesale professional Anti-interference wireless tour guide system for multi language meetings with best price Product Features: • Portable and wireless • PLL synthesized design, with high frequency stability • Unique anti-interference circuit, avoid the interference from other frequencies...
Product Details:

Wholesale Professional No interference Wireless Tour Guide System For Multi Language Meetings With Best Price

1. Product Introduction of the No interference Wireless Tour Guide System

Today, I came to school, because Zhou Kejin to give me a walkie-talkie.
Walkie-talkie  we must all know that one is standing here, another person standing  there, two people can go to the radio you one sentence, and very clear,  save the phone bill, but also power, this is not very good? But it has a drawback, that is, there are provisions of the range, and  some very close to only 10 meters, and some can be far and far can be  heard, as far as 50 km.
      I  went to school, the classroom empty, even a silhouette are invisible, a  look at the time, only 6:45 points, and my heart laughed, because I  want to talk about crazy, played particularly early, I waited in the  classroom , Looking forward to ...
     Zhou  Kejin finally came, I could not help but go up, Zhou Kejin see me come,  but also understand my mind, apart from anything else from the bag out  of a large, like a watch the same walkie-talkie, I got , There is a heart can not tell the happy taste.
    This  walkie-talkie has a large ear - the antenna, the middle is the time,  next to a few buttons, especially the button below the watch, two  buttons very small, like two crab eyes. A lesson, and Zhou Kejin play up.
But students should remember, can not delay learning.

2. Product Specification of the No interference Wireless Tour Guide System

002LN tour guide system.png

3. Product Feature and Application of the No interference Wireless Tour Guide System

Product Features:

•Portable and wireless

•PLL synthesized design, with high frequency stability

•Unique anti-interference circuit, avoid the interference from other frequencies automatically

•One transmitter can carry any number of receivers

•Built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery use, 15 hours at least

•LCD display, easy to operate, Adjustable volume

•Over 100-150m communicating distances



a.Visits for factory, hospital, school, museum, art gallery, tourism places etc, especially multiple groups guiding at the same time

b.Church sermon


d.Multimedia teaching/Training

e.Wireless fitness/Sports

f.Multiple-language simultaneous interpretation

tour guide system6.png

4. Product Details of the No interference Wireless Tour Guide System

rose-red introduction.jpg

Colors: Grey, Orange,Rose-red, Blue, Black

5 colors-002LN.jpg

our tour guide system10086.jpg

5. Product Qualification of the No interference Wireless Tour Guide System

tour guide9.png

our tour guide system12.pngguide3.png

6. Payment and Shipping and of the No interference Wireless Tour Guide System

a. Payment: L/C at sight, or Bank transfer with 30% deposit, 70% balance to be paid before shipment.


b. Shipping port: Shenzhen of China, Hongkong port. Or any seaport which customers offer.


c. Production lead time: 5-15 days upon deposit according to different quantity. 

7. FAQ of the No interference Wireless Tour Guide System

Q1: How long is your Warranty? How can you carry it out?

A1:The warranty period is one year (not included accessories). Generally, our defect products is less than 1%, since we have very strictly quality control, we will test one by one to make sure everything is ok before shipping. For defective device within warranty, we will provide free maintain and free shipment to send back to you.

Q2: Can I book samples from you? 
A2: Yes! You can! You are welcome to place a sample order to check our superior quality and service!

Q3:How about the shipment and how long we can receive the package?

A3:We have reliable shipping company and we will recommend the best and cheapest way for express depend on different country. Generally, we will keep enough stock and can make shipment once receiving payment. It will take 3-5 working days to arrive.

Q4: How will you deliver my goods to me? How long do I need to wait before my goods arrive? 
A4: You can select shipping options possibly, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS to enable our customers get their goods rapidly at door. 
       We also ship by economic method such as air cargo and sea cargo, Direct line, Air Mail according to clients' request.

       3-7 days for international express, 5-7 days for air cargo, 20-40 days by sea cargo.

8. Latest News

Little careless me

Today,  I just did not take long to get a good friend Tao Haiyang and Pan  Jiacheng phone, they said for a while came to the park to play. Let's start for a while.
Just go halfway, suddenly, I think I did not ask the location, which can be under the! I can only listen to myself and find myself. Time in a minute past, immediately to 3:00 pm, and anxious I straight stomp. And find for a while, went home to play the game.
     On the other side, Tao Hai and Pan Jiacheng in the road to find me this person. Can still not find, Tao Haiyang an idea, come up with a good way. He said: "Pan Jiacheng, I have a pair of walkie - talkie backpack.You go to his house to find, if found, send me a message.
     Pan Jiacheng took the walkie-talkie, went straight to my house, opened the door. See  me sitting on the sofa, said: "how do you not to the park." I said: "I  am looking for you on the street, can not find in the park." Pan  Jiacheng said: "You are not a few Contest first prize? How do you want to understand this, to the park  is definitely playing in the park! "Pan Jiacheng information to the Tao  Ocean said to find, you immediately come!
You see me is not very careless!

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