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2.4g translation conference system

In one meeting room with 20-150meters long or wide, if without one device, just use the big speaker with Microphone, sometime really very noisy and not environment. Audience or participants cannot hear the content clearly. If such organization or promoter uses our small translation systems, then...
Product Details:

China 2.4g large conference and conference translation conference system

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Without a device in a 20-150-meter-long or wide meeting room, using a large speaker with a microphone is sometimes really noisy, not the environment. The audience or participant can not hear the content clearly. If such organizations or promoters use our small translation system, then the venue will not be noisy. Everyone can hear the content clearly and comfortably. Whether it uses one language or multiple languages.blue blue introduction.jpg

Even if your meeting space is very large, such as a square or a gymnasium, we can give you a good solution to your language transmission problems over long distances without any disruption. Our state-of-the-art professional translation equipment can help you organize very successful environmental events!

If you are looking for a 2.4g conference and meeting translation conference system, Rich Technology is your best bet. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China to provide you personalized services at a low price

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