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Custom audio guide system

Some years ago, when we went to outside for travel, we can see many Guides who are so tired and whose throats are hoarse after one day talking for visitors. Even they used the loud-speakers. Then, the problem was coming. Big noises are from different tour groups in the tour places like museum,...
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Custom audio guide system for training and classrooms and bus and bus guides and conferences

A few years ago, when we were traveling, we could see many tour guides who were exhausted and had a hoarse throat after talking to tourists for a day. Even if they use the speakers. Then the problem is coming. The huge voices of different tourist groups from museums, churches, attractions, training venues, exhibitions and other tourist attractions.blue blue introduction.jpg

You can imagine how many headaches you have when you are in such a noisy environment. In addition, visitors to the tourists experience uncomfortable.

Now, high technology has changed everything and changed the tradition.

As a professional audio navigation system manufacturer, we are willing to provide the best quality and better price for customers all over the world.blue blue introduction.jpg

Museums or churches, the exhibition no longer noisy, and even more than a dozen tours to visit.

If you work in a museum, travel agency, travel agency or any audio solution company, you can use our discount voice guide to work for your future.

Our audio guides are widely used in teaching, museums, attractions, training (eg hose training), exhibitions, conferences, conferences, bus guides and much more.图片1_副本.png

In addition, our waterproof bag helps keep your guidance system wet during rainy days.

We have been providing these audio guidance systems for the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

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