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Tour guide system travel groups

In this age, we have to believe the convenience which high-technology brings. As for tourism field, sometime, when many visitors in one tour group like 50 or 100 people, if only one Guide to speak or narrate the whole day, then this Guide will be crazy. But if someone helps him or her to narrate...
Product Details:

Wireless team voice commentary system, crowded in the crowded area of the noisy environment, but also to ensure that each tourist team can clearly hear the explanation, the different teams will not interfere with each other, it will not affect the FIT tourism environment. Simply equip your guides with launchers, traveler's receivers and guided tours with microphones to get clear messages for tourists in the 50m to 100m range. The system not only improves the service level of the attractions, but also enhances the overall image of the attractions.

Automatically search for "Free Channel" technology, allowing more than 99 teams to work simultaneously

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The receiver built-in 99 adjustable ID, by operating the receiver ID change button, you can join other teams or by a number of different teams to form a large team, free to organize, simple to achieve. More than 99 teams with the same ID in the same place can work together, work flexibly, and not interfere with each other.

I strong anti-interference

Transmitters and receivers with point-to-multipoint encryption effectively eliminate external interference and work independently, with no interference between the team and the team.

Clear voice

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Advanced DSP technology, clear and natural sound, ± 75K broadband modulation, to ensure good sound;

Wireless tour guide to explain the machine configuration equipment

Charging durable, environmentally friendly and convenient

Interpret the transmitter: Interpret the staff, for explanation, 1-99 channel is optional. High sensitivity clip collar wheat, clear sound quality! Small screen display ID number, power display information, design is simple.


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