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Guide receiver and transmitter manufacturer

We are very happy and lucky to get a lot of letters of thanks from our customers and clients since 8 years. They give us very good feedback and praise. The sound quality and ease of use including the distance make our users very convenient! Our target is to create an emotionally and...
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Charges for tour guides and transmitter manufacturers to visit museums and factories and churches and schools

1. Introduction of fee-based guide receiver and transmitter manufacturer

For eight years, we are happy to receive the thank you letter from our customers and clients. They gave us good feedback and praise. Including the sound quality and ease of use make our users very convenient!two way tour guide system.png

Our goal is to create a visually appealing and intellectually engaging experience for visitors. A complete audio guide system will include a complete set of equipment and preprogrammed software. Customers can easily use either of our two ways or one of the ways of a tour guide system.

In cooperation with many different corporate and individual businesses and organizations, they use our tour guide equipment for different applications such as travel, conferences or events, GAC, churches and more.blue blue introduction.jpg

2. Product Specification for Rechargeable Tour Guide Receiver and Transmitter Manufacturers

Charges for tour guides and transmitter manufacturers to visit museums and factories and churches and schools

The tour guide training system is a portable, wireless audio system that allows the coach to hear clearly in noisy environments or over long distances.

A kite demonstration team kites the kite in mid-air to the music. In order to ensure that every member of the team knows the next flight-to-fly model and to ensure synchronization, the team leader will issue an order and other groups will respond to it.tour team.jpg

This is definitely a pleasure! Order can be heard clearly.

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