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Anna Chen

Sales manager

Digital Wireless Audio Guide System

Our primary goal is to provide effective audio solution for our customers with cheap cost and better quality. In order to achieve these goals, we continue to improve and diversify our tour guide and audio guides through on going enhancement of our services and work performance. In 2013 years,...
Product Details:

Discount Digital Wireless Audio Navigation System Teaching and Equestrian Training Bus Guides and Museums and HAJJ

002LN PLUS tour guide system.png

1. Discount digital wireless audio guide system product introduction

Our main goal is to provide our customers with an effective audio solution at a low cost and with better quality. Discount Digital Wireless Audio Guide System

To achieve these goals, we will continue to improve and enrich our tour guides and tour guides by continuously improving our service and performance.


In 2013, a friend from Argentina told me they were a travel company. They have daily tour groups need to visit here and there. But whenever outside or indoor tours are noisy,

So I recommend our digital wireless audio guide system for their reference.

Finally, after booking 1000 receivers, this friend was very pleased with our quality and distance. They also always introduce our environmental guides to their friends for a more efficient travel experience.

"Speaker is too noisy!" they said.


Our tour guide system is truly digital signal transmission, with good sound and cutting-edge technology.

Support for one person to speak to many people, even if the tourists will not appear noisy and inadvertent situation appears, our products support the same place at the same time 99 team will not interfere with crosstalk.

In recent years, we constantly research and innovation, strengthen the application, function, by all countries travel, speech, education, business and other customers love and support.

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