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Standard frequency radio guide

Mr. Marely, one of our friends from North America. When he got our samples, he took his colleagues to test on the tour bus, museum, church, school, indoor and outside which were suitable for such tour guides. After finished all the testing, he found our distance and sound quality is really nice...
Product Details:

European standard frequency radio guidance system for museums, government and churches

1. Product introduction of standard frequency radio guidance system

Mr. Marely, one of our North American friends. When he got the sample, he took his colleagues to study tour guides for this tour bus, museums, churches, schools, indoor and outdoor.

After completing all the tests, he found out that our distance and sound quality are very good, without any disruption, and very convenient and comfortable to help his company improve work efficiency and traveler's travel experience. His company decided to book 800 packages for their tour.

In fact, we have a lot of customers who like this friend.blue blue introduction.jpg

Our F radio navigation system has communication system equipment that allows us to make your conference and language assistants more convenient and comfortable for traveling, visiting and learning.

Our technical team has extensive experience from microphones, USB cables and charger boxes to complete equipment for your team or meeting. We believe that with our portable communication system, your tour or meeting will be held very successfully!

Multi-language meetingroom.jpg

Regardless, if you work for museums, travel agencies, travel companies or any audio solution company, you can use our discount radio guide to work for your future.

OEM welcome to assign customers. We have more than 8 years OEM customer experience.

We will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving any inquiry or email from you.

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