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Wireless translation equipment

Will you still worry your tour group without the Guides to speak? Sometime in museum, ZOO, church, history spots, organizations want to save cost. They hope they can find the correct and reliable and flexible and intelligent tour devices which can narrate for visitors itself, not by Guides or...
Product Details:

How to run

Wireless mute conference system consists of transmitter and receiver.

Transmitter Used to transmit audio signals from a microphone. The audio is then sent to


Each viewer receives a receiver before the event occurs. The receiver is set to the same channel

As a transmitter. The viewer simply connects the headset to the receiver and adjusts its volume

Personal volume reached a comfortable level.two way tour guide system.png

Multiple transmitters can be used in the same area to enable multiple audio feeds in a conference.

Simultaneous interpreters translate speeches into different languages or allow multiple separate ones

Hold a meeting in the same room. There is no limit on the number of receivers that can be used.

The system can also be used as a silent comment system in sporting events such as Snooker, or as a

Referee microphone, the audience to keep up.

The system offers a variety of accessories, including microphones, headphones, storage boxes

And charger.blue blue introduction.jpg

Wireless interpretation translation equipment to regulate events and conferences

product name

Wireless translation of equipment events and meetings

Transmitter frequency range

2.4G MHZ (to accept 2.4G signal)


Focus on tourism

Zoos, museums, schools, training, outdoor tours, indoor tours and more


100 channels

Operating (speaking) range

Up to 170 meters (line of sight, outdoor or indoor)

Transmitter (one to one or one to many)


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