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Last some years, one of my Turkey friends who told me their friend’s company need big quantity for pilgrimage tourism/ HAJJ. Their main reason was, too many tour groups there, sometime visitors lost their ways! We can imagine, how difficult to find one person in the ocean of crowds! So I...
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Custom Made Low-Language Digital Radio Guide System Museum Visits and Low Prices Seminar with CE and RoHS002LN tour guide system.png

1. Digital Radio Guide System Products

In recent years, one of my Turkish friends told me that their friend's company needed a lot of pilgrimage to travel / HAJJ.朝觐01.jpg

The main reason for them is that there are too many tourist teams there and sometimes tourists get lost! We can imagine how hard it is to find someone in the crowd!

So I recommend our all-digital radio navigation system.

50--120 meters long, clear sound, pilgrimage tour success.

Visitors and pilgrims feel very comfortable and excited!Tour guide for HAJJ.JPG

Up to 100 Channels Audio Guide The Radio Guide System is designed for tour groups, travel teams and conferences and events. This is a multi-channel system, light weight, can attract tourists to hear clearly.

Our working distance can reach 80-200 meters long. Our large transmitters can reach 1200 meters in length, and if the client needs to host a large event, thousands of participants

If you work in a museum, travel company, travel company or any audio solution company, you can use our discount radio guide for your future work.


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