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Simultaneous interpretation system is an indispensable system for the simultaneous translation of the high-level international Conference, through which the speaker can be translated into the specified target language by the simultaneous translator and transmitted to the delegates through...
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 Simultaneous interpretation system is an indispensable system for the simultaneous translation of the high-level international Conference, through which the speaker can be translated into the specified target language by the simultaneous translator and transmitted to the delegates through another channel. Delegates are free to choose the language channel they can understand.

According to the transmission principle of the equipment, can be divided into wired and wireless two kinds. The cable simultaneous interpretation system is used for some fixed meeting places, Simultaneous Interpretation System which is inconvenient to move and inconvenient to rent, and has been withdrawn from the market. The wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment is divided into FM (fixed frequency) type and infrared type. Because of the frequency modulation (fixed frequency) type because the signal source is too many interference factors, Simultaneous Interpretation System the sound quality is not ideal, so at present FM (fixed frequency) type simultaneous interpretation system is rare. Infrared simultaneous interpretation system is a popular device, the signal through infrared transmission, the effect is stable, and strong confidentiality.two way tour guide system.png

The simultaneous interpretation system is transmitted by infrared signal, and the infrared wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment can guarantee the transmitting and receiving of wireless in any type of meeting hall.

System composition: 16-channel digital IR transmitter, Simultaneous Interpretation System All-digital conferencing system interpreter, 16-channel IR receiver (headset), high-performance Infrared radiation panel, infrared receiver unit, such as the charging box, through the simultaneous interpretation system can ensure that the speaker at the same time, the content was translated into the target language by the interpreter, and through another channel (channel) to the delegates. Delegates can choose their own language channels, simultaneous interpretation system audio High-fidelity effect has been a good reputation in the industry, Simultaneous Interpretation System the highest visibility of the product.

Automatic transfer of Locale language: when speaking in the same language as the interpreter, the interpreter in the language is not required to translate and the microphone of the interpreter can be closed for a short rest, when the interpreter control host can automatically switch the channel occupied by the interpreter to the locale language.

Tea application: The translator has tea application function, Simultaneous Interpretation System through the tea application button to apply.

SMS notification: Has the short message function, may receive the backstage management sends over the information.

Time to speak: With the timing of the speech, Simultaneous Interpretation System the translator will be able to start the work.

Direct translation and indirect translation: The interpreter should be able to receive all speech including mother tongue (Live language), translated language, multimedia signal source, etc., when the translator does not understand the locale language, the system automatically converts another set of translated language into the translator for two or relay translations.

Call and technical support: Each interpreter has an independent access to the Chairman and technician, which enables interpreters to apply for such technical support as speed, cough, etc. without disturbing other participants.

Interpretation Channel locking: Prevents different translation languages from occupying the same channel, and the system should set the channel occupancy indicator.Tour guides with MIC and earphone.jpg

Independent voice Monitoring: The interpreter control host can monitor the channel and the locale language, Simultaneous Interpretation System with independent volume control function.

The simultaneous interpretation system can choose the way of the direct translation of the original language, or can choose two times of translation, Simultaneous Interpretation System in order to facilitate the small language is not familiar to the translator. Each interpreter station has a speech in the original language output, there is an output, you can choose another language.


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