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tour guide headset system for interpreter

If you are museum, ZOO, history spot, then, maybe you need use these audio guide systems. 9999 MP3 audio files inside this device, can store unlimited languages. Can play automatically or play by pressing key numbers. Customers can store the MP3 files directly from the computer by USB cable. Of...
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Translation of guide headset system

If you are museums, zoos, historical attractions, then maybe you need to use our wireless devices to help you share your work so you can get the job done faster,

The most important thing in the museum is the quiet place, in order to make themselves and tourists have different experiences.two way tour guide system.png

Understanding history, memorable history bit by bit, can guarantee the quality of the case can also make the museum will not bother disturbing the visit of other tourists.

Customers can listen while watching, tourists do not need to worry about leaving the team can not hear the tour guide, long-distance transmission of high-quality audio transmission.blue blue introduction.jpg

It is worth mentioning that the volume of our products can be adjusted according to age, preferences.

If visitors feel your speech is boring, you can also connect the device to play music to ease the tourists, you can relax to take a break, our products are composed of launch and reception, simple and small can be hung around the neck to use, there are professional Receive headphones, and launch the headset.

If you are looking for a wireless audio guide system that automatically plays museum churches, Rich Technology must be your best bet. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China to provide you with low-cost customization services. Welcome to our factory discount buy or wholesale quality guide system.

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