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Wireless audio simultaneous interpretation

When I was children, my mother was too busy to look after my sister. So I often went to attend some meetings or events with my father. Most of time, I always heard the music and content from the broadcast. The voice was too big and too noisy because too many people there. I could hear the voice...
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Wireless Portable Simultaneous Interpretation System is detrusion from Shenzhen Rich Age Electronics Co., Ltd, the system adopts international advanced wireless amplification technology, to achieve the function of intelligent voice unfolds. The dvice contains the transmitter and the receiver.The stylish appearance of light related to the equipment system, convenient to carry-can is for visits by government officials and VIP client, lectures. Best suited to large companies, museums, theme parks, scenic spots and historic sites, such as a ride by use of the tour guide by boat; Welcome to contact us for more details.two way tour guide system.png

Portable Simultaneous Interpretation systems feature:

 1. 50 dual-channel channels;

2. transmission distance: open the field> = 120m;

3. The effect of direct wall is good: through the concrete wall, penetration effect of the brick wall;

4. An adjacent channel without interference;

Portable Simultaneous Interpretation systems application:

1. Reception of the scenic area, the museum exhibition center and the business unit.

2. Visit of industrial production of the large and medium scale.

3. Learning and training of various organizations.

4. Release of company product or VIP reception.

5. Exchange activities in visits or events.

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Our popular interpretation system is easy to use, and you can easily and comfortably bring your multilingual community together by providing translations to any number of viewers or participants.

Noise is unwanted sound and is considered unpleasant, loud or destructive hearing. From a physical point of view, noise and sound are indistinguishable, as they all vibrate through media such as air or water. Differences occur when the brain receives and perceives sound.groups visiting.jpg

Noise may come from anywhere. So what we can do is stop receiving it.

Audio navigation system is widely used, can be used for tour guides, simultaneous interpretation, daily training and so on. Whether living or working, we can use our voice interpretation system.

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