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China wireless tour guide system

Shenzhen city, a young and snappy city, the core of innovation of industry chain in South China. We start hear! We support high quality environmental wireless tour guide system and audio guide systems for our clients in the world. If you work in the tourism filed, like Tour Company or travel...
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China Wireless Guide System with Whisper Digital Audio Guide Museum Tour and Conference Cheap Price with CE and Rohs

1. Wireless tour guide product introduction

Shenzhen is a young and lively city, which is the core of industrial chain innovation in southern China. We started to hear!

We provide high-quality, environmentally-friendly wireless tour guides and voice guidance systems to our customers worldwide.

If you are working at a travel company or travel company, summer camp, educational institution, school, auditorium, etc., you can use our tour guide system and visitor guidance system. Our tour guide system is easy to use for your communication.

You do not have to speak loudly to your visitors, students or participants.

After all, most people like a quiet environment, not a noisy environment.

More importantly, for some people, especially for some deaf seniors, you need to hear the voice of the tour guide clearly and understandably. If this person with a tour guide receiver, can improve our experience.

blue blue introduction.jpg

So far, most of our European customers, who told me that the 863-865MHZ or 2.4G tour guide system are more appropriate, do not have any disruption.

Shenzhen Century Electronic Co., Ltd. production of tour guides has a worldwide reputation, making it easy to visit www.richitek.com

China's top tourism authority has warned tourists about the risk of South Korea changing its policy of Chinese citizens.

The recent dramatic increase in the number of Chinese citizens entering Jeju Island in South Korea, some of them being denied entry before returning to their homeland and waiting for a long time at the airport, has aroused widespread public concern. Friday on the website of China National Tourism Administration.

It said the government attaches great importance to this issue. The government met with officials from the Korean Embassy in Beijing and officials from the national cultural organization and "made serious representations."


The Chinese government warned Chinese citizens of the risks of traveling overseas and asked them to carefully choose their destination.

Advised them to understand South Korea's immigration policy and prepare documents as required.

"In the event of an emergency or unfair treatment or dispute, please immediately contact your local Chinese embassy or consulate to collect and keep evidence to prevent future complaints or legal proceedings."

Some travel agencies in China have stopped traveling to South Korea in the past week.

MHI said in a statement on Friday that it canceled all travel products from South Korea.

The company said: "We can arrange trips to other destinations for travelers already registered and paying for South Korea, or we will reschedule the trip when tensions between China and South Korea ease."

tour team.jpg

Guo Jinming, Wanzhong's online sales director, said his company believes the removal of recent travel to South Korea is the right decision and is viewed as a patriotic move by travel companies because South Korea has provided land to US troops stationed in the United States. Deploy U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense.

Guo said his company is busy with refunding customers and will cancel all their losses and cancel the trip.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said on Friday that China holds a positive and open attitude toward the exchange and cooperation between China and South Korea.

He told a daily news briefing in Beijing: "But this requires proper public support and proper public opinion.

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