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Radio tour guide system

Our new tour guide system, Orpheo TG, helps your guides conduct the highest quality tours in the most noise sensitive or crowded environments. Easy to transport and set up, this system is perfect for: -Factory Tours -Museum Tours -Zoos -Theme Parks -Outdoor sites -Loud or Quiet, Anywhere...
Product Details:

RICH 002LN Portable Radio Touring System for Tourism and Teaching

Our new tour guide system, Orpheo TG, helps guide your guide to the highest quality in the most sensitive or crowded places.blue blue introduction.jpg

One day, nothing else, go online to wander. Out of curiosity, I opened a game called "Test: Twenty Years Later." Then a powerful attraction brought me into the game. I appeared in the lab and I saw me twenty years later. Twenty years later, I was a police uniform, short hair, walking, Yingzisha double. After asking, I know twenty years later I am a captain of INTERPOL.

"Capt. 303 lost a folding car, code-named L61524, initially suspected of alien stealing, check! The sound of such a voice came from the radio. After listening, I was about to go to that place 20 years later, but she Did not leave here mean I am somewhat angry asked her: "how do you so irresponsible? The news received is not in a hurry to investigate! Did not think she laughed.

Later I learned that twenty years later, in order to truly realize my dream of a world without thieves, I invented a locator. This locator cost is very low, is a component made of RX hair, human hair can do about 6000. This locator installed on the items, to prevent loss; installed in the human body, to prevent damage. Just install this locator, no matter where, can use the computer program to find.

Then two years later I turned on the computer and opened up a software called "World Without Thieves." I was shocked by the crowded code, and I think if it was to find it, do not find it for three days and nights? Unexpectedly, she read the code again, the computer will automatically start the query and positioning - the original computer only two decades after the voice function. Finally, twenty years later, I used my invention to prove that it was an alien's theft and successfully retrieved the lost folding car.

Twenty years later, I bid farewell to me, I returned to reality. Today's experience reinforces my determination to learn well. I use my wisdom to change the fate of mankind, my future is not a dream!

portable wireless tour guide system product features and applications

surroundings. Easy to transport and set-up, this system is perfect:

 Loud or quiet, anytime, anywheretour in bus.jpg

Visitors and tour guides will enjoy the modern look and functionality of these devices.

Specifications and features

 - Speed, durability design

Simple channel and volume selection

Channel and battery status displayed on the screen display

Payment and transport and portable radio tour system

One. Payment: current letter of credit or bank transfer, 30% deposit, 70% balance before delivery.

Bay Shipping Ports: Shenzhen, China, Hong Kong port. Or any harbor provided by the customer.

C. Production lead time: according to different amount of deposit 5-15 days.

 Portable wireless tour guide system frequently asked questions

Question 1: How long is the warranty? How do you implement it?

A1: Usually we provide a 12 month warranty (for more details, please e-mail)

Q2: Is your product analog or digital transmission?

A2: Unlike all other products in the market, all of our products are truly digital; it does not interfere with each other. It can simultaneously support the use of multiple groups, will not interfere with each other.

Question 3: What is the difference between your product and other similar products on the market?


A3: First of all, our products are truly digital transmission, the cost will be much higher than analog transmission products; Second, our lithium battery is a new type of polymer lithium battery, different from the average lithium battery, safer and more environmentally friendly .

Question 4: How do you give me the goods? How long before my goods arrive?

A4: You can choose DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS and other modes of transport, to facilitate customers

If you are looking for the Radio tour guide system, Rich Technology must be your best choice. We're known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, offering you the customized service at low price. Welcome to buy or wholesale the quality guide system at a discount with our factory.
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